MLS Estate Sales

Helping to Make Life Simple when it gets complicated

Our Personnel Include

  • Two Certified Appraisers (Members of Certified Appraiser Guild of American)
  • Interior Designer
  • Antique Dealers represented in three local antique malls

What We Do

Assess Your Situation

You tell us your goals and together we develop an action plan.  Of the many liquidation avenues available in today’s market we help you determine which will work best for you – be it an on-site tag sale or auction, complete haul away, cherry-picked consignment or a combination of any of these.

On Site Tag Sale or Auction

These sales are performed on your property either in the residence and/or under tent.  We sort, organize and ready all items for sale and dispose of unsellable items.  We clean, polish and do minor repairs on items as practical, if such work will appreciably enhance the selling price.  Any items remaining at estate sale completion will be consigned to an auction house, one of our venues (only better items) or donated – when items are donated you get the receipt.  The real estate is left in “broom swept” condition.  You do not have to deal with the removal of unsold items or trash remaining from the sale.

On-Line Auction Sales & Service

When the market demands, we host on-line auctions. We have partnered with and have access to their over 17,000 subscribers along with our large following. For notices of our actions and estate sales use the link below or follow MLS Estate Sales thru We will consign quality items for these auctions.
MLS Estate Sales on

Off Site and Haul Away Sale

These sales are those where your property is taken in its entirety to another location to be sold.  We employ several regional auction houses and/or consignment centers under contract to sell your property in a manner most beneficial.  Haul Away sales work best for people downsizing or those who have very little to sell.  Cherry-picked items may be put under consignment either in our store, or one of the many booths we have at area antique malls.  It is also possible that your items could be added to a future or already scheduled major estate sale or auction if space is available.

Advertise Your Sale

We have been conducting sales since 1986 so you can know that we have extensive mailing lists and the ability to use them.  Based on our contractual agreement we can employ classified and/or display ads in local, large-circulation publications, design and distribute handbills and flyers – both physical and electronic, send flash emails and strategically place professionally-produced signage in the adjacent neighborhood.


We can also perform “Market Value Appraisals” – our estimate of what your items would bring at an auction or estate sale.  These appraisals are extremely helpful when dividing property amongst siblings or other family members.  We work as the peacekeepers by assigning a monetary worth to an object, ensuring one person doesn’t claim a valuable piece while another gets one at lesser value and hard feelings develop.  Our fee for this service is based on the level of formality required.


Generally we work for a negotiated percentage of sales plus minor expenses as detailed in our contract.  This negotiated percentage is determined by the volume and quality of items to be sold and the effort needed to produce a professional sale.  All fees and expense reimbursements are taken from the proceeds of the sale with no up-front cost to you.

Other Services

We are available to help you through this difficult time.  In addition to selling the personal property, we can assist with the after sale process too.  We often arrange for and oversee professional house cleaners, repair and renovation crews and landscaping teams to support in the readiness of the property for resale.   If you are downsizing to smaller quarters our interior designers are specialists in helping you “fit” into your new space and make it “home” again.  These services are priced on an individual basis – don’t hesitate to discuss your specific needs with us.

How to Prepare for a Sale

Call MLS for a consultation

Kelli Milligan  502-500-7760

Do not throw anything away

… without talking to us first!  The only thing safe to dispose of is opened and/or out-of-date food.  Even if you “think” it is garbage, remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Talk to us first, even partially used cleaning products are sellable.

Do not discontinue utilities

… especially telephone and garbage removal services.  We’ll need the telephone for Visa, Master Card and Discover transactions.  Our ability to take credit and debit cards increases the sale results dramatically.

If you live in a private city or community you need to ensure the entity allows sales such as ours

… you are responsible for getting the permit or permission.  We’d do it if we could, but generally homeowners, powers-of-attorney and executors are required to do the request and sign the permitting process.

You must already have decided as to what is actually for sale

… and have removed spoken-for property.  Know that once we have a contract, nothing can be removed from the sale and that our fees are based only on what is to be sold.

If a residence is to be used for the sale, there must be no occupants

… we need full access to the premises for three to four weeks.  Our staff often works late into the night and needs every square inch for sorting, storing, staging and stacking.

Insurances must be kept in force

… our insurance does not insure your property or home for everyday risks.   However, we are fully insured and bonded for the work we perform.

Turn the keys over to us

… and sit back and relax knowing you are in the best possible hands for a respectful liquidation of your property.

Why hire MLS

As an established professional estate sale company, we have a large following of willing purchasers and dealers.

We price antiques and normal household items on a regular basis.  We follow the market trends and know what’s in demand.

As a legitimate business we can process credit and debit cards, which significantly increase sales.

We have the equipment and trained staff necessary to put on the sale: tables, shelving, display cases, signage, security and the like.

By using our company to sell your property or your loved one’s property, it allows you to disconnect from the pain of sentimental attachments.

MLS prides itself on service and the respect we give to one’s property.  We treat all our sales as if they were for one of our family members.

Make Life Simple and give us a call:  Kelli Milligan at 502.500.7760